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  • I (The Owner) or authorized agent of the owner of (The pet listed above), authorize and direct the veterinarians of Westwood Veterinary Clinic, and/or their assistants to perform the services described above and all procedures, diagnostic, treatment, and/or administration of medication within the accepted veterinary guidelines, as deemed advisable and/or necessary for my pet. Westwood Veterinary Clinic will take every responsibility and action to ensure the success of the procedure.

    I understand the possibility of death, as a severe complication of surgery, anesthesia, or any other procedure does exist. I am aware that these procedures are performed as a precaution; preliminary blood work, monitoring the pet while it is in surgery and providing nursing recovery care until pet goes home. I understand that the pet is to fast 10 hours prior to be anesthetized. There is no guarantee nor can one be made as to the results of any therapy. I understand that Westwood Veterinary Clinic may not be present overnight; only during office hours. If I neglect to pick up the pet within 7 days of above, you are to assume that the pet has been abandoned and you are authorized to dispose of the pet, as you deem best. A deposit may be necessary or all fees may be due upon release of patient. I fully understand the terms of this agreement and do authorize the hospital staff to perform the above indicated services on my pet. It is also agreed that if I do not pay this account as agreed, that past due accounts are subject to costs of collection, including attorney’s fees.